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End-Of-Life Care

End-of-Life Care |The new Pikes Peak Hospice Unit at Penrose Hospital presents exceptional advantages for all patients who need specialized hospice inpatient care, and for all additional partners-in-care throughout the community...

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Home Health Support

Home Health Support| Mom has decided to move to Colorado to be closer to you. Maybe you suggested she move closer––anticipating a future scenario of care. Or perhaps she moved in with you because it was becoming...

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Pacemaker Lead

Pacemaker Lead | The inpatient cardiology market has been slowly but steadily shrinking in recent years. Yet University of Colorado Hospital has bucked that trend, increasing its...

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LVAD| Decision Making Process

LVAD | Patients with end-stage heart failure who are not eligible for cardiac transplantation would seem to face a stark choice. They can accept implant of a mechanical...

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