Digestive Health | Mastery Greatly Improves Quality of Life

Digestive Health | While many Coloradans observe a conscientious diet and exercise regimen, GI health depends on a number of factors that require our full attention in order to prevent more advanced digestive health issues as we age. As more and more people are taking a proactive stance on managing their health, GI clinics such as Peak Gastroenterology Assoc. (PGA), located at Penrose Hospital are accommodating the trend with great emphasis on digestive health education to help patients better understand and manage their conditions. Additionally, highly specialized and experienced medical staff and advanced resources are being added at PGA for patients across the region for everything from IBS/IBD to GERD to celiac disease/gluten sensitivity to colorectal cancer screenings.

PGA welcomes Drs. Scot Lewey, D.O. and Prashant Krishnan, M.D. to the practice’s roster of distinguished medical staff beginning October 16th, with appointment and procedure scheduling beginning now. Lewey is a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Rocky Vista University in Parker, CO, and a global expert on celiac disease/gluten sensitivity among other digestive health disorders. Lewey has an exceptional social media following under the moniker of TheFoodDoc. Krishnan is a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Rocky Vista University in Parker, CO, is on a panel helping to create national guidelines on endoscopic biopsies, is a world-class gastroenterologist/therapeutic endoscopist with high polyp detection rates and is known among patients and referring providers to have exceptional bedside manner and thorough clinical expertise.

Krishnan and Lewey join Buck Patel, M.D., as well as, Paul Pinto, M.D.; Joseph Moore, M.D.; James Rose, M.D.; Brodie Gerrard-Gough, M.D.; and Jamie Thompson, ANP-C making PGA one of the region’s largest digestive health and endoscopy teams in S. Colo. serving both Penrose-St. Francis and UCH-Memorial hospitals and numerous surgical centers in the area. Lewey and Patel are two of the region’s premier single balloon endoscopists.

Digestive disorders rank among the most prolific of health care issues facing Americans each year. A study released in Gastroenterology, the American Gastroenterology Association’s official publication, in 2012 by a body of experts, which included a National Medical Ambulatory Care survey, information from the National Vital Statistics System and nine other organizations, showed an estimated 37-million visits for leading gastrointestinal symptoms which prompted an outpatient clinic visit in 2009.

Endoscopic procedures for both the large and small intestines combined account for the single largest number of procedures topping 18.4 million endoscopy cases in 2009, costing $32.4B. Colorectal cancer remains one of the most curable cancers when screened/detected and treated early.

Colorado’s numbers are consistent with the nation’s average relative admission rates, and suggest while we generally live a healthier lifestyle among US states, prudence dictates keeping our digestive health top of mind due to genetic influences and our diets. Early detection and screening, healthy diets, proper use of supplements and over-the-counter remedies and precise management of other chronic diseases like diabetes, can significantly reduce incidents of GI disorders later in life and add to our individual quality of life, as well.


The Peak Gastroenterology Assoc. team also provides endoscopic services at their state of the art surgery center: Front Range Endoscopy Centers, located at 719 N. Cascade Avenue, two blocks south of Colorado College. Appointment scheduling can be done via their Web site: www.peakgastro.com or call 719.636.1201.