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Magnesium – A Modern-Day Mineral Superhero

Magnesium - Just as Spiderman or Superman always appears when help is needed, the essential mineral magnesium is equally reliable in coming to the rescue to protect and support our bodies. Magnesium helps maintain normal muscle...

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Vitamin D Study

Vitamin D Study | Everyone knows it’s necessary. Not everyone knows it’s not really a vitamin. It has fanatical believers and implacable skeptics. Adit Ginde’s clinical trial, a vitamin D study...

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Fat Switch

Fat Switch

Fat Switch | May be key to turning off obesity according to CU prof’s new book says cellular triggers add pounds

Weighing in at just 244 pages, plus end notes, glossary, index...

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Folate – Are You Getting Enough to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease?

If you are trying to conceive you will know all about the importance of folic acid for pregnancy. This is the synthetic form of the B vitamin folate...


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