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Cards for a Cause – The Junior League of Colorado Springs

Whether you’re celebrating your fifth birthday or receiving a heartfelt thank you for your efforts, nothing quite captures the excitement of receiving a greeting card in the mail. The Junior League of Colorado Springs (JLCS) and Usborne...

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School Health

Schools across Colorado are letting out for the summer! Summer gives kids a chance to take a break from the daily rigors of education, but for many kids, a break from school may mean a break from their ability to see a doctor.


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Asthma in Kids

Asthma in Kids | Sound like asthma, multiple food allergies and eczema to you? If it doesn’t, perhaps it should. Says Dr. Erwin Gelfand, chairman of the department of pediatrics at National Jewish Health in Denver, “...

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Lyme Disease

Colton shares his and his father’s health story of chronic Lyme disease and holistic approaches to health. Both he and his father struggled to get their insurance company to pay for alternative treatment methods. His experience has led him...

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